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Vapour Honing - Vapour Blasting
« on: February 07, 2020, 04:25:23 PM »
Just commenced work on a new venture in addition to my usual activities in teh pump and valve industries

The business is Vapour Honing UK, providing a complete vapour blasting service for restorers, machinery repairers and bike constructors, I have had articles in most of the classic bike press and will be racing as usual this year with the BHR lads around the country. Please note I dropped a bit of a clanger with the article in OBM, the real phone number is as shown in the ad' 01625 560 060, NOT 01265 dial code

Just so you know, vapour honing uses a blast media (most commonly glass) water and high pressure / volume air to produce a slurry. The process is very gentle and can be used on machined faces as it does not change the metal substrate, it can also be used on non metallic surfaces, so stuff like carburretors can be cleaned with all of the rubber and brass parts left in place, I have done pistons, engine cases, cylinder heads etc all with great success. I am based in Cheshire at the location where the vintage club hold trials - The Old Brickworks, Pott Shrigley. The process can also be used for post welding surface finishing, de-burring pre-coating surface prep' 

I will be installing another blast cabinet over the next month or so to enable me to have one for fine finishing work and another unit for more aggressive processes running harder media such as Ceramic or Alluminium Oxide, please feel free to call to discuss, email or visit. or email location SK10 5RX
Cheers Dave Fitz'