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Leader Racer
« on: January 20, 2021, 11:53:37 AM »
This is my 1958 Leader Racer.  It was built by Bob Mallett (who's daughter is  Ann Mallett  I/C of the clubs Marshalling)  Bob used the Leader in Vintage Club events at a time when they had a cut off date of 1958 that then excluded the use of Arrow racers.      Bob last used it in 1996 at Mallory it then went into storage until I purchased it a few years ago.    With a view to getting it ready for some Parade riding with the club (if it is allowed).  I had a look round it yesterday making a note of what work needs to be done for it to pass scrutineering these days then decided to see whether it would actually fire up after 25 years, so after the usual things you would do like flushing out the fuel tank and remote float bowl and adding a fresh mix of petroil to the tank,  a battery connected up it was placed on the paddock starter when amazingly it fired up first attempt and continued to run o.k.  in next to no time I rode it out of the shed to do a few laps of the front driveway,  not far and not ideal but better than nothing and it kept running o.k.  That said for peace of mind after such a long time I will change the crankshaft bearings and seals, new tyres etc.   The attached photo is of Bob with his Leader on the day I collected it from his home.   .            Roger